Sisterhood of Young Animation Auteurs
17 - 23 Aug 2024

Garden and a void

Duration: 7 min

Country of production: Romania/Portugal

Animation technique: digital frame by frame and AE collage 

Logline: In an effort to avoid confrontation with unwanted visitors, a fearful gardener desperately tries to lure them away from her treasured plants, which are her home.

Synopsis: A meticulous keeper lives alone in a garden, in the middle of a white void. Her life is guided by a rigurous routine of plant care. One day, bizarre intruders show up in her garden. Afraid to face them or question the reason for their presence, she wants to get rid of them. In an effort to lure them out, she decides to make the garden less appealing for them. This endeavor leads to her progressively destroying the thing that she treasures most, her garden.