Sisterhood of Young Animation Auteurs
19 - 25 aug 2023

The Street

Duration: 6-7 min

Audience Age group: 4-7 years

Animation technique: Stop-motion, clay animation

Logline: When Oliver, a 6 years old boy, can’t find his cat, he must embark in the adventure of his lifetime to go after her, stepping outside his yard alone for the first time.

Synopsis: If Miu sneaks out at night, she always comes back in the morning. Oliver can feel something is wrong. His parents don't take his worries seriously, so he decides to look for her by himself. A task which proves difficult for the 6-year-old boy who never ventured by himself so far from home. Without adults to help him, the street becomes a dangerous place, filled with witches as neighbours, deadly animals, and strange people creeping in the shadows. Still, he is determined to find his cat.