Sisterhood of Young Animation Auteurs
17 - 23 Aug 2024

Ioana Nicoară - SYAA 2023

Ioana Nicoară (b.1990) always knew she wanted to be a visual creator,  

so she graduated from the Bucharest University of Arts. But she  

couldn’t really predict that, starting from 2012 on, fate would lead  

her to work as an animator, sometimes art director or scriptwriter,  for 

important Romanian animation productions, such as The Magic  Mountain 

(2015) or The Blissful Accidental Death (2017), also for  commercials 

and other various cultural projects. Her work in animation  meets her 

painting studio practice and also her interest in developing  augmented 

reality (AR) projects. Working alongside Reniform  Production, her main 

aim is to create new ways of using animation to express her interests 

and reach new audiences.